2 color logo JPEGWhere does the name ‘Lucky Monkey’ come from?
When I was a kid, dessert time would send me into a dance of excitement. My uncle saw this and would exclaim that I looked like a “lucky monkey” dancing about. Now I am proud to create products that will inspire kids and grown ups alike to look forward to dessert as much I did.

Whats the Sauce story?
When my Mother asked me to help with a dinner party I jumped at the opportunity, and agreed to make an unforgettable dessert! Inspired by the famous restaurant dish of bananas foster that I had ordered on my birthday, I set out to make my own spiced caramel sauce that would compliment bananas. Thanks to the encouragement of our guests I decided to make my creation available for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who have encouraged me along the way, and to the Acton School of Business in Austin Texas for giving me the tools to succeed.

Please Enjoy =)


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